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About the Brand

We personally use and proudly carry PAPILLON BEBE products.
We love that they provide modern style with functionality to help mom
and baby have the best experience possible. 

Woman Owned. Ethically Priced Baby Loungers. 

ABOUT: Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and told I had only a few short months to live. I was told I had no options and my creativity would be the first thing to go. But, two and a half years ago I was also told through the power of God that I would live to raise my girls and brain cancer would not take my life. I was told it would be obvious I would be healed by the power of God and to have faith and plan for the future.
To me, Papillon Bebe represents trusting in the highest source and planning for the future. It represents creation and new beginnings. Papillon Bebe which is French for "butterfly baby" represents the miracle of being reborn and is symbolic transformation a butterfly. I am so grateful to share what we have created and watch it transform into something beautiful. 
Do good, Shannon