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LUXE Essential Oil 9 oz Candle

LUXE Essential Oil 9 oz Candle

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Nature inspired soy candles made with specially selected essential oil blends. 


  • Juniper + Sage: Fresh juniper water, sage and lavender.
  • Neroli + Cedarwood: Intoxicating blend of masculine cedar wood and balsam with citrus neroli. 
  • Rose Patchouli: Sultry patchouli with feminine rose petals. 
  • Sandalwood + Cardamom: Dark and sultry, masculine woods with a hint of floral and cardamom spice.
  • Sea Salt + Mandarin:Summer scent of ozonic sea salt air with fresh sweet mandarin, rich amber and patchouli.
  • Palo Santo: luxurious oil blend consisting of grounding and cleansing Palo Santo,  clary sage and cedarwood. Great for meditation.
  • Violet + Sandalwood: Sweet Violet petals, grounding sandalwood, jasmine and rosewood.

Many of these scents are also available in a perfume and/or lotion!


Approximate burn time 55-70 hours. 

100% soy, zero additives, cotton wick and essential oils.

Approximate burn time 55-70 hours.

All candles are handpoured in truly small batches with care using 100% soy wax (zero paraffin), cotton wick, always phthalate free high quality fragrance and cotton wick.

For best burning results be sure to melt wax to the edge of the candle with every burn to prevent tunneling. This is especially true for the first burn, melting the wax all the way to the sides ensures an even burning candle. Also keep away from drafts to ensure even melting. For clean burning trim any mushrooming at the top of the wick making sure not to trim too short.

Made In Minnesota.